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AutoSoft – Automobile Trading Software is an essential business tool designed for small and medium size companies. AutoSoft is simple and powerful solution and can be installed quickly and affordably. It helps you to reach out to your customers and keep a close eye on the market and your Automobile business 24/7/365 through the Online Car Selling portals.

AutoSoft has features to record the Purchase, document, Transport, Auction Sales, Shipping schedule, Export and Internet Sales, Document Tracking, Quotation ProForma invoice, Payment and Manage Websites.

AutoSoft was launched 12 years ago, and has been evolving to meet the new business needs. It has been implemented successfully by many Small and Big Automobile Trading companies in Japan and other Countries

Autosoft Features


Purchase screen provided with multiple functionalities like Auction Purchase, Local Purchase, Auction Purchase along with Auction Sold, Auction Purchase along with Purchase Cancel.  For each vehicle unique stock ID generated automatically, Purchase Transaction can be easily retrieved and modified if required, based on the auto generated Transaction Number, Supplier Name and Purchase Date.

Sales Order

Sales Order screen used for creating sales transactions based on the Loading Port , Vehicle Available Location and Discharge Port and Final Destination. You can add the Vehicle details by selecting from the available stock list or by entering the stock No/Chassis No.  Sold Amount can be entered against each vehicle in the grid, In this screen it is also possible to know the shipping status of the each vehicle i.e. whether vehicle shipped or not. Consignee and Notify Party details are entered at the time of sales transaction creation.

Stock Organizer

Category, Maker and Type of the Vehicles display the stocks in tree-based structure.  It has options to view All Vehicles, Available Vehicles, Shipped Vehicles and Pending Shipment Vehicles and Sales Order only Created Vehicles.  The Users can customize the stock view based on selecting/deselecting the one or more properties of the vehicles. It is also possible to search the vehicles from this list based on the Stock No / Chassis No.  Stock view can sort, filtered by one or more properties of the Vehicles; The Stock view can be exported to Excel.

Reports - Get Organized:

With just a few clicks you can generate reports to gain valuable insight into your business. And with just one click, these reports can be easily exported to Microsoft Excel, Word or PDF. there reports includes purchase list based on supplier and purchase date range, sales reports based on customer and country, shipped vehicle list, recycle reports and stock on hand, export certificate and more

Web Stock Update

This is where you can select list of vehicles you want to show in the Website, enter the sales price of each vehicle, special offer vehicles if any, generate web-stock number and selected stocks can easily updated to website by this screen feature.Click here to see the sample website

Manage Customer

You can easily view list of customers and its associated consignee, notify party details, and customer purchase history and their payment details.

YOUR Website

Your website will have a front-end for your customers, and a back-end for your Staff members. The features include,

a) For your Customers: Car inventory, Make Enquiry, Stock List Page (with Search Options), Special Offer Stock list, Bank Details, Shipping info, FAQ, etc

b) For your Staff: Handle Customer Enquiries, Transactions & Balance, and Customer Profiles

Click here to see the sample website


ADD ON Modules


User Friendly Accounting Module designed especially for Automobile Trade. It is a very simple and easy to use accounting software which helps you to manage business finances.
* Multiple Currency System
* Flexible Chart of Accounts
* Ageing Report for Customer and Supplier
* See who owes you money and send them reminders
* Customer & Supplier Statements
* Get instant insights to your finances
* Integrated with Autosoft
* Multi User Login   and More

e-Commerce Site Synchronization

Automatic service for synchronizing Car inventory with the leading industry trade platforms (Trade Car View, Alibaba..). No need to manually export a file from your software and to upload it


It help you to send your Stock Detail, offers etc through email regularly to your customer.

Mobile Apps

Harness the technology to improve your business. We have mobile applications

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Software Designed for Small, Medium & Big Car Dealers


Please register and download the software. You will be provided with an user name and a password. Detailed installation procedures, an initial setup video, and a software guide will be provided.

If you are a small / medium company, you can be up and running quickly. If you are a large company with data to migrate, or other needs, please contact us. Our support agents will assist you.

Running Your business is what you do best. Love doing it with CARSOFT

“Please download the trial software, and try it. We have the database set up at Amazon Cloud (AWS). You will love it. If you have your own database, please contact us now. We will be glad to help”



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Here are some of our satisfied clients, and comments from a few of them. Our clients have been with us since the first interaction. We Deliver! Get the Software delivered for your company too

I'm extremely impressed, both with your product as well as with you and your colleagues! You have an outstanding product and an equally outstanding support staff! Thanks for all the help!

Mohamed Ali, CEO

AutoSoft, everything worked like a charm! Thank you and your support team for all of the help. It has been one of the best experiences I've ever had with a tech support department in terms of knowledge, willingness to help and ease of getting to a tech in the first place

Mohamed Jaufar, CFO "Al Ain Japan Ltd"

The service provided by Mark Softech has exceeded my expectations for timeliness and accuracy.

Kamal Basha, Sales Manager

About Us

Mark Softech was founded in Chennai, India and Tokyo, Japan in 2000. MARK has been into both services and product development. Mark Softech has its expertise spread out far into various domains of IT Services and Solutions:

Mark Softech is widely appreciated for its ability to cross the cultural and language barriers to deliver world class business earning the goodwill of its clients across the world from countries like India, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, US and Japan.

Our Managers have over 12 Years experience in the international Car Trade and over 16 years experiencing in developing information systems. Our world class developers have developed sophisticated software for many industries including DIAMOND, JEWLLERY, MEDIA, RETAIL, AND AUTOMOBILE.


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